Reach Your
Growth Potential
with Brand IQ

Take your portfolio revenue to new heights with a marketing platform that adds value to your business while also increasing monthly recurring revenue.

Brand IQ helps businesses boost growth by capturing more customers, building a great online reputation, expanding reach through social media and creating an online presence.

With Brand IQ, businesses can:

  • Be found by new customers actively searching for them

  • Listen and respond to what customers have to say about their business to keep them coming back

  • Identify potential problems holding the business back from better results

  • Have the confidence that they’re making the RIGHT decisions

Gain a Competitive Edge

Always be a step ahead with an  insider’s view into the competition and find out how online reputation is directly affecting sales revenue, all from one place.

Never Miss a Beat

With Brand IQ, businesses are always connected to what’s going on.

  • Real-Time business alerts

  • Monitor your new reviews

  • Website is down

  • Business listing is incorrect

Boost Portfolio Revenue with Brand IQ

Brand IQ is a “sticky” product every sales office needs to increase retention and drive profitability.

Give merchants a marketing platform that truly grows their business

Increase profits by saving your merchants on time instead of lowering processing fees

Give your ISO the competitive edge it needs with a next-generation marketing product

Build Your Brand with the Aurora Marketing Start-up Kit

Brand IQ isn’t just for your merchants. Created just for agents and sales offices, the Aurora Marketing Start-up Kit gives you the power of Brand IQ, as well as access to a team of payments marketing experts dedicated to building your online presence.

  • Posting on each social platform:
    (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) at your package’s selected frequency

  • Monitoring/Management:
    Our team will constantly monitor and respond to your reviews across various review sites

  • Content Calendar:
    We will post your content directly into Brand IQ ( where you can access and see the posts before they are live

Start Growing Your Portfolio

Find out how Brand IQ can help you boost monthly revenue and make your merchants more successful.